How Can We Bring the K12 Online Conference to an Offline World?

The K12 Online Conference is an international conference for teachers that takes place entirely online.   This year’s Conference is taking place from November 21 to December 12, with a keynote address posted on November 21, Multiple talks posted daily from November 28 to December 9 and a closing live conversation and webcast on December 12.  The theme of this yearès conference is Purposeful Play and this is further broken up into 4 strands entitled: Storytime, Team Captains, Sandbox Play and Level Up. I am quite excited that my talk, Sharing Stories, Becoming Storytellers has been selected for the Storytime strand of the conference.

The way it works, is that all the talks will be pre recorded and 4 a day will be posted on the The K12 Online Conference  during the weeks of November 28 to December 9. Teachers can view the videos at their convenience and join the conversation about the talks by commenting on the blog post for the presentation or on twitter using the #k12online hashtag, Full details about the schedule can be found here.

I’ll let conference organizer, Wes Fryer explain a little bit more about the conference.

I have been talking with a colleague about how to get the most of this virtual conference.  We are planning to invite other staff members at our school to meet with us after school a few times during the  conference to watch conference talks together and have our own discussions about the talks.

What are some ways that you can bring this opportunity for online professional learning into your offline workplace?


Drop your ideas into the comments.


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