Please Help My Class With Our Election Sign Survey

One of my professional goals for this year is to use online tools to collaborate more with other teachers and classes across the country. This year I have a grade 5-8 gifted class.

With 6 provinces holding provincial elections this fall, I made a brief survey using Google Forms.   In brief, I am asking students to keep a count of all the election signs by political party that they see on the way to school.  Then they can go to my class blog to submit their data for Mr. McGaughey’s Cross Canada Election Sign Survey.   As this project progresses, I will be sharing the collected data and results on our webpage.  We will keep the survey open until late October to accomodate teachers in provinces with late October and November elections.


I have also set up a form for teachers interested in further online collaboration  with my class.   If you are interested in joining this or other online projects, drop me a line.

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