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In late 2006, in the months leading up to the first Podcamp Toronto, its blog was quite neglected. Because Podcamp is a user organized kind of event (much like k12 online), I volunteered to make regular blogposts in the month leading up to the event. The results were great. Attendees were much better informed about what to expect at the event, and it helped create a buzz. But for me the benefits were also great, it served as a great introduction to the organizing team and to the people at the conference room (Which led to one of the organizers booking me to as a performer at the Podcamp evening concert (which was a huge thrill for me)). When I walked into that conference, I was not just one of 300 attendees,… I was ‘ductapeguy, the Podcamp Toronto blogger’. My prior work with the blog allowed me to get a head start on getting to know the people at the conference and also introduced me to them before we ever entered the building.

After that experience, I started using Google reader, Facebook and Twitter to make lists and directories for my Catholic Roundup website, and for other conferences I attend. Making these lists and reviewing the blogs of other conference attendees allows me to start to get to know the other people in the room, before we ever get to the room.

On that note here are my blog and twitter lists for the 2011 K12 Online Conference Presenters and Organizers.

What are ways you can prepare for the K12 online conference to get the most out of the virtual conference?


Here is the completed list as it grows, or download as an Excel spreadsheet.

I have also used Google Reader to make a Google Bundle of all the blogs of k12 Online presenters and organizers

Here is the live chat of the conference using the #k12online hashtag.

I also made a twitter list of people participating in the#K12 Online Conference Presenters and Organizers.

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  2. [...] Those educators using Twitter, may wish to follow the comments made regarding the K12 Online Conference by searching or filtering tweets using the “#k12online” (without quotes) hashtag. Furthermore, I find this online learning opportunity a great way to learn about educators with whom I might share a kindred spirit. I am always looking out for new ideas shared through educational blogs and if you feel the same way, I encourage you to examine Sean McGaughey’s “K12 Online Blog and Twitter List“. [...]

  3. [...] You can follow along with the conversation on twitter using the hastag: #k12online  and be sure to also check out My #K12 Online blog and twitter list. [...]

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